Fire Marshal's Office

Coronavirus Information:

The Fire Marshal’s Office has limited public access to their office.  If you need to drop off plans, those should be left at the Planning Department.  Plans will be picked up daily.  To pay for plan reviews and inspections you can leave a check with your plans.  To pay electronically, please complete this form and submit payment.  The schedule of fees is included on the form.  Should you need any assistance in determining fees, please call the office numbers listed in the directory. 

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Fire Marshal’s Office to prevent and/or reduce the incidence of fire by increasing the awareness and knowledge of both residents and businesses respecting fire safety and by ensuring compliance with local and State Fire and Life Safety Codes and all applicable regulations. This mission is accomplished through Fire/Life Safety Education, Investigations, and Inspections for Lumpkin County, including the City of Dahlonega.

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Inspection and Plan Review Fees

  1. Inspection and Plan Review Payment Form
    Please submit payment for your review/inspection prior to taking plans or requesting the inspection.
  3. Fee List (PDF)
  4. Upon submission:
    A print and submit function is enabled on this form. To pay by credit card, please close the form after printing for your records and you will be automatically directed to the payment portal.
  5. Lumpkin County uses a third party to process card payments. If you choose to pay by card, you will be directed from our site to NMI's payment gateway.
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