After School 

After School Program Suspended

After many discussions and much consideration, the decision has been made to suspend the Parks & Rec After-School Program. With so many unknowns associated with the Pandemic, planning and preparation with any degree of accuracy is nearly impossible. We are unable to staff the program adequately this year due to the uncertain availability of UNG students. The safety and well-being of our after-school participants is paramount, as well as being respectful to parents and guardians who choose to use this program. To start and then suddenly stop a program is not only disruptive to the student but also to the family unit. It is our hope that by getting the word out now, families will be able to make alternative care arrangements for the upcoming school year. We will reassess the summer camp programs next spring with high hopes of having this pandemic, and all of its associated challenges, behind us. 

Thank you for understanding, and we hope that everyone has a safe and healthy school year!