Relay for Life Fundraisers

Various Fundraisers

Every year we put together a team for Relay for Life, as well as hosting a tent at the main event. To raise funds for our team, we host various events, including an annual basketball game. Our main fundraiser for Relay for Life is the "Waiting for a Cure." The Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) becomes the waitstaff at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant. We wait and wash all the dishes for the afternoon for the Wagon Wheel. All the gratuities we receive during that time is donated to Relay for Life. Join the LCSO and donate today to "Tune Out Cancer."

Relay for Life Basketball Game

The LCSO hosts various events for raising money for Relay for Life. The Relay for Life Basketball Game is one way in which money is raised. Our Sheriff's Office challenges the other Sheriff's Office in the area. The proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.