Tai Chi

Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 6:00pm

Price for the class is $15 for one day $20 for the week

WHAT IS TAI CHI? The ancient art of Tai Chi uses gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of today’s busy lifestyles and improve health. Tai chi is sometimes described as "meditation in motion" because it promotes serenity through gentle movements — connecting the mind and body. Originally developed in ancient China for self-defense, Tai Chi evolved into a graceful form of exercise that’s now used for stress reduction and to help with a variety of other health conditions. To do Tai Chi, you perform a series of postures or movements in a slow, graceful manner. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. These rhythmic patterns of movement are coordinated with breathing to help you achieve a sense of inner calm. Most forms of Tai Chi are gentle and suitable for everyone. So you can practice Tai Chi regardless of your age or physical ability.