Abandoned Motor Vehicle Liens/ Abandoned Mobile Home Liens/ Personal Property Foreclosure

General Guidelines for Abandoned Motor Vehicles Liens/Abandoned Motor Homes Liens/Personal Property Foreclosure

Georgia law allowed for certain entities to obtain legal title to motor vehicles that are abandoned on their premises, as well as, those with a lien on personal property to foreclose on that lien and obtain a court order to return the property. Included is a link to the Georgia Magistrate Council, which has links to more forms. Court also has jurisdiction of the foreclosure of liens on abandoned mobile homes. O.C.G.A. § 44-7-110, et. seq. Further, a litigant may obtain a writ of possession for personal property subject to security interest, such as a motor vehicle. Any person holding a security interest on personal property and wishing to foreclose the security interest may petition, by affidavit that is verified, either in person or by his or her agent or attorney in fact or at law, for a writ of possession. O.C.G.A. § 44-14-431. We encourage those seeking relief for these scenarios to consult an attorney because this area of law is especially technical. 

Any questions related to civil filings should contact the Clerk of Superior Court, who is also the Clerk for Magistrate Court’s Civil Division. The number is 706-864-3736.