Clerk of Superior Court

Welcome to the Office of the Clerk of Courts of Lumpkin County, Georgia.

Electronic Filing

Judicial Division:

Lumpkin County Clerk of Superior Court is proud to present civil eFiling and document access with:

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Civil eFiling became mandatory January 1, 2019 and is available NOW! Criminal eFiling also became available April 1, 2020.  Please register at

eFile to save your time and money!  

Real Estate Division:

eFiling and eRecording of real estate documents, including UCC’s is available through the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority at

Purpose & Responsibilities

The Clerk of Superior Court is established in the Constitution of the State of Georgia. The Clerk of Courts is found to be one of the most popular elected officials serving the Superior, Juvenile and Magistrate Courts in Lumpkin County. The Clerk has an obligation to follow the court rules and law for each court they may serve.

The Clerk of Courts is the custodian over land and property records of the county as well as the civil, criminal, juvenile and adoption files and records in the courts served.

Furthermore, the Clerk of Courts office provides personal service directly to the public on a daily basis.


The office of the Clerk of Superior Court consists of four major divisions:

  • Business/Professional/Administrative
  • Judicial
  • Personal Property/ Liens/Accounting
  • Real Estate

Website Use

This site is provided as a service and to primarily benefit you, the citizens of Lumpkin County and any others who require services from the office of the Clerk of Superior Court.

My goal as Clerk and administrator of the various courts is to provide as much information and as many services as possible efficiently and in a cost-effective way to taxpayers and other customers.

As you use this website, I encourage any suggestions you may have that may benefit the citizens and the public. Thank you for visiting the Office of the Clerk of Courts.

Filing Plats

Mandatory eFiling Plats began January 1, 2017.  Register through the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority at to begin the eFiling process. 

A public filing terminal (computer) will be available inside the Clerk of Courts’ office for use in electronically filing plats. Plats must be submitted to the Clerk for filing at 300 dots per inch (DPI) resolution.