Mission Statement

The mission of the Lumpkin County Purchasing Department is to provide county departments a procurement service that strives for cost-effective, quality services and goods. We are committed to making procurement decisions that are in the best interest of Lumpkin County, our employees, our citizens and our taxpayers.


We stand steadfast with our values:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility


Vendor Registry

Lumpkin County Purchasing Department requires vendors to register using Vendor Registry. Use of this service allows vendors to be added to a list to receive automatic notification of bids, quotes, proposals, and solicitations.

Bid and proposal opportunities are advertised in The Dahlonega Nugget, the County’s legal organ, and are posted on this website.

This is an automatic notification service, but is not a guarantee for any future work. While some information is obtained during the registration process, the county does not receive notification of any changes to that information. Any updates to W-9s, address changes, name changes, etc. should be sent to the Lumpkin County Finance Department.