Education Programs

Adult Gun Safety

Instructor: Major Mike Ramsey

The Adult Gun Safety Course is intended to educate the public on firearm safety and firearm laws as they pertain to the citizens of Georgia. The class takes place in the Training Room at the Sheriff’s Office from 6 to 9 p.m. Once citizens have completed the class, they are able to utilize the firing range on the first and last Tuesday of every month. The classes will be taught quarterly. Check out calendar for more details on the dates.

To register, email Mitzi Deaton, or call her at 706-482-2628.

Church Awareness & Security Training

Sheriff Jarrard is offering at no charge to all our churches in Lumpkin County two very informative programs:

  • The first is a presentation about Church Awareness and Active Shooter. Sheriff Jarrard will attend your church with a PowerPoint presentation and share with your congregants the importance of Church Security/Active Shooter. 
  • The second presentation discusses The Safe Carry Protection act and is for the church membership that is interested in developing an on-premise church security team. This class is presented by Major Mike Ramsey at the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office for a 30-minute PowerPoint lecture, and then moving to the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) Firing Range with a hands-on reaction qualification course designed with time stressors.

To schedule either of these presentations for your church, please email Mitzi Deaton, or call her at 706-482-2628.

Citizen’s Law Enforcement Academy

Instructor: Instructor varies

The purpose of this class is to educate the public on how daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office through lecture, discussion, demonstrations, and practical applications. The class is taught one day a week from 6 to 9 p.m. Citizens are given an opportunity to ride along with patrol officers and have direct observation of the Detention Center and 911 Communications Center.

To register for the class, please email Mitzi Deaton, or call her at 706-482-2628.

Driver’s Education

The School Resource Officers teach this week-long drivers’ education course three times during the summer to high school students who are needing to get their license. This is strictly the classroom portion of the class. Parents/Guardians will still need to do the 40 hours of supervised driving with their child.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

The DARE Program is provided to all Lumpkin County Schools, and it seeks to teach students how to make safe and responsible decisions in life and how to deal with bullying, the health effects of drugs, and much more. After the completion of the 10-week program, the students write an essay explaining everything they’ve learned and pledge to make smart decisions in the future.

Hunter Safety Course

Instructor: Sheriff Stacy Jarrard & Department of Natural Resources

In order to purchase a hunting season license, you have to complete a hunter safety course. Three separate days of the year, Sheriff Stacy Jarrard partners with the Department of Natural Resources to teach Hunter Safety. This is a free course offered to both adults and youth.

Junior Law Enforcement Academy

This academy is for rising 7th grade students who have no out of school suspensions and no more than one in school suspensions during the school year. It is offered during the summer from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is taught by the School Resource Officers. Some class topics that are covered include:

  • Crime scene investigations
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) bomb squad
  • Gun safety
  • Patrol tactics