Gold Star Programs

Army Gold Star

The Army recognizes the sacrifice that all Gold Star Family members make when a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, or other loved one dies in service to the nation. Comprehensive services are offered to all members of the surviving family.

Navy Gold Star

The Navy Gold Star is an inclusive program, regardless of your loved one’s military branch, location, or manner of death. The commitment is that regardless of the branch of service, you will be provided with support and help to locate your branch’s survivor services for as long as desired.

Air Force Gold Star

Air Force Gold Star families are survivors of military service members who lost their lives during armed hostilities, including deployments in support of military operations against an enemy and/or during an international terrorist attack. It provides enhanced support and outreach for the lifetime of each survivor.

Marine Corps Gold Star

 Marine Corps survivor advocates are available to provide support and address issues or concerns by spouses and other dependents of deceased service members regarding casualty assistance or receipt of military survivor benefits authorized by law. For information, email the Gold Star Advocate.

Coast Guard Gold Star

The Coast Guard Gold Star Program is its official initiative for providing long-term support to surviving families of Coast Guard members who die while on Active Duty. Its purpose is to build a survivor community.