Open Records Act Requests

Make a Request

Thank you for your interest in county government. We have provided an Open Records Act Request Form, should you wish to make a records request to the County Clerk. 

This form is not for Sheriff's Office requests or Clerk of Court requests. Please visit Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office Open Records Request Form to submit a request to the LCSO. 

To request records from the Clerk of Superior Court, please visit the Clerk of Court webpage for more information.


After reviewing your request, you will be notified within three business days if the documents requested are subject to release under the open records law and the estimated cost to search, retrieve, copy, and supervise access to the requested documents (Official Code of Georgia Annotated [OCGA] Section 50-18-71).


The fee represents the hourly rate of the lowest paid full-time employee with the necessary skill and training to respond to your request. There is no charge for the first fifteen minutes. The charge for copies is generally 10 cents per page, unless otherwise provided by law.

Open Records Officers

Should you have further questions please contact one of our Open Records Officers:

Please use this form for LCSO Open Records Act requests.

Department Contacts & Keywords

Since the County Clerk does not handle every document in the County, and in an effort to help you reach the correct department the first time, we are providing the following information regarding common record requests and key words and which department to contact for your specific request.

  1. County Clerk
  2. Sheriff's Office
  3. Clerk of Court
  4. Probate Court

County Clerk Keywords

  • Alcohol Permits
  • Animal Control Records
  • Boards, Authorities, or Committees Information
  • Bid Documents
  • Contracts
  • Coroner Reports
  • Human Resource Documents
  • EMS Reports
  • Fire Reports
  • Environmental Complaints
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Planning Records
  • Property Violations