2021 Department Budgets Requests

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Airport Authority Fund 550

This fund contains the revenues and expenditures of the Airport Authority.

  • The information regarding their budget submission can be found here

Animal Shelter

Assessor’s Office

  • The Assessor’s Office made little change to their 2021 budget request.  They did request a new vehicle which is located in Fund 301 - Capital Projects.

Aquatic Facility

  • Information regarding the budget for the Aquatic Facility can be found here.

Capital Roads - Fund 335

This fund holds the money received from the state for LMIG and TSPLOST.  

  • The requests this year include debt service on the joint project, a box culvert at 500 Copper Mine Road and replacement of the bridge at the intersection of Pat Gooch and Yahoola Rd.  There are also bridge maintenance funds.  The request also includes replacing a 1993 dump truck and replacing two pickup trucks.

Clerk of Court

  • The requests for this department can be found here.

Cooperative Extension

  • The County Extension Office made no additional requests in their 2021 budget request.


DATE Fund 202

The is the Drug Abuse Treatment and Education (DATE) fund.  Money for this fund is from add on fees to court cases.  The money is allocated by a committee comprised of court officials and county representatives.

Debt Service By Fund

Debt Service for fund 100 is for the land around the reservoir, fund 301 is for CIP,  and fund 270 is for the unincorporated portion of the construction of the reservoir.  Fund 335 has debt service on the joint city/county/GDOT project.  Fund 320 holds the lease payments for the Justice Center.  Amortization schedules can be found here

E-911 Center

  • A link to the budget request and justification can be found here.

Election and Voter Registration

  • The changes to this budget are due to mandated training.  Justification can be found here

Emergency Services & EMA

  • A link to budget justifications can be found here

Enotah Circuit funding and PD Fund 207

  • The Enotah Circuit member counties agreed to roll the FY2020 budgets to FY2021 and re-examine in the fall once the economy stabilizes.