LCWSA provides a local option for septic tank septage disposal at LCWSA's Red Oak Flats Water Reclamation Facility.  

All acceptable wastes must be discharged at the septage receiving station located at the Red Oak Flats Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) at 1930 Red Oak Flats Road, Dahlonega, GA 30533. Discharge of septic waste at any other location within LCWSA’s sewer collection/treatment system is strictly prohibited.

At this time, Red Oak Flats WRF is able to accept septic waste sourced from within Lumpkin County and the surrounding region of North Georgia. Only domestic and commercial septic waste will be accepted. LCWSA defines commercial waste as being generated by establishments that produce only domestic sanitary waste.                                                                                     

Septage Hauling companies are required to obtain a Septage Discharge Permit and to provide a completed LCWSA Waste Hauler Manifest to discharge septage at LCWSA septage receiving station.  Copies of those forms are provided below.

Septage Discharge Permit Application

LCWSA Waste Hauler Manifest