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Travel/Training Request Form

  1. Travel/Training Request Form

  2. Please attach the official class registration paperwork and/or the conference itinerary to this form. Documentation of the meals provided by the training or conference is required. Travel will not be booked unless the required documentation is attached.

  3. How Should the Training/Conference be Paid for?
  4. Please provide the link or phone number for the training/conference if credit card was selected above.

  5. Please list the budget line item where the training/conference fee will need to be paid from.

  6. Do you need a County vehicle?

    *The Travel Policy adopted in 2021 requires employees to drive a County vehicle to and from training/conferences if one is available.  Personal mileage will not be reimbursed without prior approval from the County Manager.

  7. Complete the Section Below if Lodging Reservations are Required

  8. Please list what type of room you would like booked: (Ex: King, 2 Queen Beds, etc.)

    All efforts will be made to reserve the hotel and room specifications you have requested, but if your requests are not available the next best option will be booked.

  9. How Should Your Reservations be Booked:
  10. Please provide the link or phone number to book the reservation.

  11. It the training/conference has a group rate, please provide the group rate name and code.

  12. Please list the budget line item where the hotel/lodging fee will need to be paid from.

  13. If additional information is needed for your conference/training registration or hotel reservations please include that here.

    Sheriff's Office Employees: Please include your Okey # and how you want your name and title to appear on your badge in this section.

  14. Please attach required documentation here. (Ex: Class Registration Paperwork, Conference Itinerary, Documentation of Meals Provided, etc.)

  15. If you have questions or need assistance please contact
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